The Ultra Conditioning treatment!

The ultimate state of the art conditioning treatment that utilizes ultra sound and infrared light technology.


1) Hair will be healthier and the color more vibrant.
2) Hair will look thicker, stronger, softer and shinier.
3) The more damaged your hair is initially, the more noticeable the results.

Normal conditioning treatments will condition the hair on the surface of the cuticle layer. This will help the hair to be conditioned temporarily for a day or two.  The ultra conditioning treatment works deep into the cortex layer of the hair. Ultra sound waves push the (Argan oil based) conditioner deep into the hair and the infra red rays convert inert H40 water molecules into singular H20 water molecules, therefore leaving the hair hydrated, conditioned and strengthened for a longer period of time.

Investment $200 dollars per treatment and  2 hours of your time.  One year package deal $1,000 dollars and you are able to receive the treatment once every 6 weeks for the year. Package deal you save $720 for the year.

We know that you and your hair will be ultra happy with the results. First time trial of $200.00 can be applied towards your one year package deal.

Protein Treatment $15

A nourishing treatment which repairs broken bonds from excess chemical services and stress from the natural elements.

Trichology Treatment $35

An invigorating scalp treatment which removes follicle buildup and ensures proper cleansing of hair shaft, followed by an essential oil treatment to nourish the scalp and hair.

Moisture Infusion $35

Moisture treatment which restores dehydrated hair to its natural MCL (Moisture Content Level). Implants moisture rendering the hair soft and Luminous.

Helix Bodifying Treatment $60–$80

Natural curly hair grows at an uneven rate. One side of the hair shaft grows faster than the other thus making the hair wavy. By using the helix technique, we are able to mimic this same phenomenon. This treatment is prescribed for any client who is looking for more body in the hair without having to go through the process of chemical texturing.