Joe Sr. Stylist
$150 $125

Hair Straightening

Traditional Thermal
$175 $275

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Joe Sr. Stylist
$275 $250

Keratin Blow out Treatment

Joe Sr. Stylist Jr. Stylist
$95 $85 $75

Haircut not included in perm service.

*  Prices are based upon service(s) of average complexity, and are subject to change. Any fees in addition to those stated in this brochure will be reviewed with the client in advance of service(s) provided.

Texturing of Hair can change the love hate relationship that you may have with your hair. There are many different options such as:

Keratin treatments: Is considered a conditioning treatment that ads shine, decreases frizz and softens your natural curl.( It is not considered a straightening treatment.)

Straightening treatments: A treatment used to restructure the bond’s in the hair to a straighter texture. Examples are: Japanese straightening or a traditional straightening product.

Curling Treatment: A treatment that changes straight hair to Wavy or curly.

*All these treatments are way’s to restructure the hair to your liking, thus making your hair more attractive and manageable. We take great care in educating ourselves on the latest products and preserving the integrity of your hair. Please do not hesitate to ask our stylist’s whether a certain treatment is a good solution for your hair.