Hair Extensions for length, color or volume

Hair Extensions


Certified Trained
Extension Instructor

We are exceptionally qualified to apply the perfect Hair Extensions for your look. Owner Joe Tucci is a Certified Instructor for SO.CAP and is certified to teach other hair extensionst’s the art of hair extensions.

Look fabulous, feel fabulous. There are may applications for this technology. Ordinary natural hair can be transformed into extraordinary, magnificent hair. Hair extensions can be used to lengthen hair, increase volume, add bounce in fine hair, correct a bad haircut, and add highlights or lowlights in seconds.

At Senses Salon, we have scrutinized many different methods of applying extensions in order to best serve our clients. We have taken into consideration the natural quality of hair, easy maintenance, most natural-looking hair and ease of removal. We assure our clients 100% satisfaction and guarantee that our hair extension stylists are certified directly from the manufacturer. For further inquiries on how your hair can look its absolute best, please feel free to consult with a Senses team member!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can hide split ends 

While many women love the idea of long hair, they struggle with split ends. As their hair starts to grow longer, the split ends become more visible. Luckily, this is something that we can help you with.

Hair extensions will help to hide your split ends, making your hair look more vibrant and healthy – and making your long hair goals much quicker and easier to attain.

They can add color

The days when women only wore hair extensions to give their hair length have long passed. If you’re looking for an easy and healthy way of changing how your hair looks, this can be the solution.

Hair extensions that come in bold and bright colors are now available in different salons – you can even choose extensions with Ombré or Balayage looks. All without worrying about any damage caused by dye.

If you want to add subtle colors to your hair subtly, place the hair extensions on the bottom half of your head. If you want to have a showstopper hairstyle, fill your hair with colors from top to bottom.

They can give your hair more volume 

Bored of lank, straight hair? Let’s add instant volume to your hair, making it look bouncy and thick.

Ever wonder how celebrities nailed their bouncy red carpet hair styles? The chances are, the glossy, voluminous mane you’re ending are hair extensions added by a hair stylist.

They can add length 

Growing your hair will require time (and a lot of patience). Depending on your desired length, you may need to wait for a couple of years before you can achieve your goal. But you can speed the process up with hair extensions.

Hair extensions are the perfect solution for people who want to ‘grow’ their hair fast. You can even style and cut your to create a more subtle and understated length. Or you can go all out – even sporting waist-length hair if you wish.

They can let you play around with hairstyles

Love playing around with different hairstyles, but either don’t have the length, or worried about the damage you may do to your hair? Hair extensions are the answer with a huge varieties to choose from minus the waiting time to grow your hair long, or damage from dyes and straightening irons.

You’ll have unlimited options when it comes to the hairstyles you can try out. So if you like you can have short hair today, and long, curly hair next week. Hair extensions enable you to express a multitude of personalities through your hairstyle.

They’re easy to use

Love the idea of experimenting with hairstyles, or that just-left-the-salon look but don’t have the time in the morning to achieve it? Easy – Just clip in your chosen hair extension for the look you want that day and you’re good to go! With hair extensions, you can transform your appearance in seconds – giving you valuable extra time.