Joe Sr. Stylist Jr. Stylist
$35 $35 $30


Joe Sr. Stylist Jr. Stylist
$70 $60 $55

Men’s Cuts

Joe Sr. Stylist Jr. Stylist
$40 $30 $25

Kids cuts are available.

* Prices are based upon service(s) of average complexity, and are subject to change. Any fees in addition to those stated in this brochure will be reviewed with the client in advance of service(s) provided.

At Senses Salon, doing a thorough consultation and communicating with you  is at the top of our priority list. Texture, density, movement, length, facial features, porosity, head shape, hairline and styling habit’s are all words that go through our mind when consulting with you. What do you like about your hair? What don’t you like about your hair? How good are you at styling your own hair at home? With all the answers to these question’s is how we personalize the perfect hair style for you! Whatever your desire, we have the perfect stylist for you from contemporary classic, long and luscious, straight and curly. When calling for an appointment you can ask the reception to direct you to a stylist that specializes in your hair type. We always guarantee 100% satisfaction and a pleasant experience.